Want to Travel to Finland? Check the Tourist Attractions Here First!

Finland is not only famous for its good educational platform but also its natural landscapes that can be said to be very encouraging, so many tourists are intereste in travel to finland.

Finland has arguably succeeded in becoming one of the countries in the Northern European region which is a favorite destination for tourists from various parts of the country. Many tourist areas are manage in such a way that they can attract tourists to travel to finland, be it natural tourism, history, education or other tours.

Want to Travel to Finland? Check the Tourist Attractions Here First!

The following are finland’s tourist attractions that are suitable to visit when the holidays arrive.

1. Suomenlinna

One of the historical tours that must be visite is Suomenlinna. The fortified island called Suomenlinna is part of the City of Helsinki. Sveaborg Fortress (Swedish Castle) dominates Suomenlinna. Sveaborg Suomenlinna Fort is include in the list of Unesco world heritage monuments.

2. Market Square

Kauppatori or Market Square is a primary square in the center of Helsinki, and is one of the most famous outdoor markets in northern Europe. Here tourists can find stalls selling Finnish specialties, flowers, and souvenirs.

Not only that, in this Finnish tourist spot, there are often fishing boats lined up and sell seafood directly from the ship.

3. Temppeliaukio Church

This stone church was built in the late 1960s. The underground interior of the church is carve and the inside is bathe in natural light entering through the glass dome. The church is also use as a concert hall due to its excellent acoustics create by the rough rock surface.

4. Seurasaari

The Seurasaari Island is connecte by a bridge from the City of Helsinki. Seurasaari has an interesting open-air museum with old houses, farmsteads, manor houses, an old church in 1686, and other wooden buildings. This is the place to learn how Finns lived before modern times.

5. Lapland

The incredible aurora can be enjoye in Lapland during the starry sunny nights in winter. Visitors have a high chance of watching the magic of Aurora. The colors green, blue, yellow, purple and red dance in the sky and make anyone who visits this Finnish tourist spot, will feel like they are inside a fairyland.

6. Kemi Snow Castle

This is the largest ice castle in the world. This Finnish tourist spot includes a hotel, a restaurant with cups made of ice, an art gallery, and a chapel. Many tourists from all over the world stoppe by to get married or be baptize in the Kemi chapel.

7. Hanko

A city by the beautiful sea, 130 kilometers west of the Capital of Finland. The architecture of the city will reveal its history with a mixture of Swedish and Russian styles. Hanko City is flooded with amazing cafes and restaurants.

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8. Aland Islands

This small territory in Finland is an archipelago located in the Baltic sea. The well-developed ferry transport platform makes access to the Aland Islands fairly easy. In the Aland Islands tourists can explore medieval ruins, or venture around deserted islands, enjoy beautiful ocean views, or try kayaking and boating. In the city center there are cosmopolitan eateries and accommodation.

Looking at the explanation above, finland’s tourist attractions are very interesting, Yes. And which place is your favorite place? Don’t forget to visit when the holidays come.


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