Want a More Economical Vacation? Follow the United Kingdom Travel Advisory below!

Many travel influencers recommend the UK as a tourist destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. And because the dream destination of many tourists is known for its travel and accommodation costs that are not cheap, the author wants to provide united kingdom travel advisory.

this united kingdom travel advisory, it is deliberately made so that you are not discouraged and then change destinations, because there is always a way to England. Want to know what are some tips for a frugal holiday to the UK? Here’s how!

Want a More Economical Vacation? Follow the United Kingdom Travel Advisory below!

The first tip for an economical holiday to the UK is to determine the destination city as the entrance to explore the UK. At least, there are 3 major cities that provide the cheapest travel ticket costs, namely Manchester, London, and Edinburgh.

On average, travel tickets from Indonesia to the three cities are priced at around Rp. 10-11 million round trip. To save more, Wego APAC Market Development Manager, James Huang suggests booking a plane ticket 25-60 days before departure.

The second tip, it would be more difficult if you make London the first destination, because transportation access from London to the city is much easier. There is a subway or in London commonly referred to as underground / tube. And if you want to take even more economical transportation, then the author’s advice is to use a bus.

During the London bekeliling, usahan used oyster cards. This card can be used to pay for underground or tube tickets and also buses within the city. The fee paid with this card is much cheaper compared to buying a regular ticket.

  • There are several types of Oyster cards, namely PAYG (Pay As You Go), visitor cards, and travel cards.
  • Payg: A tap and go card model that can be filled with multiple deposits that can be used indefinitely.
  • Visitor Card: this visitor card platform is like PAYG. It’s just that the Visitor Card enforces a minimum of filling adjusted zones.
  • Travel Card: a type of daily card that can be used to your heart’s content within one day for all modes of transport in London

United Kingdom Travel Advisory Transportation When Going to Destinations

After that for transport to major cities outside London such as Manchester and Edinburgh, use buses or trains. Online bus ticket booking websites such as Megabus.Uk and National Express provide prices starting from 1 euro.

Launching from one of the trusted websites, after booking a plane ticket, you should make a lodging reservation as well. The best time to book a stay in the UNITED KINGDOM is 8 months before check in. Because the cost of a room per night can be more economical by 12 percent with an average price per night of 264 Usd.

Just like booking a travel ticket, compare the price of one hotel to another. For simplicity, book an inn through Wego. Wego will feature several hotel options up to the cheapest prices.

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However, if the price offered by the hotel is still large, it is better to spend the night in a hostel only. One of the hostels with affordable prices and strategic location is Astor Hyde Park. It is located in the Kensington area, close to the Natural History Museum and Kensington Palace. The price of staying per night starts from 18 pounds (IDR 371 thousand).

That’s a little short message from the author for those of you who are going on a vacation to the UK. Hope the above info is helpful. And happy holidays.


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