Want an Exciting Trip? Travel to the United Kingdom!

If you are going to travel to the united kingdom, there is interesting news that can be a recommendation before you go on vacation there. Yes, below are some tourist attractions in the UK that should be used as tourist destinations. And surely you are guaranteed not to regret when visiting it.

Want to Take a Vacation by Seeing Magnificent Buildings? Traveling To United Kingdom Only!

1. Big Ben

Big Ben is a giant clock that exists in the city of London, which became a famous icon in the city. Many tourists are interested in visiting Big Ben because of its strong historical value. Not only that, located above the Elizabeth Tower, this clock has a towering height of 96 meters. The dіаmеtеr part of the clock ѕаjа reaches 7m, dаn bеl уаng dіmіlіkіnуа weighs 16 tоn.

2. Tower Bridge

London has other landmarks that are also one of the tourist recommendations in the UK. The world’s most famous bridge, the Tower Bridge, stretches over the river Thames, connecting Southwark and the City Of London, which is on the south side. Gothic style architecture with gray color adds to the charm of the beauty of this bridge.

3. Cotswolds

One of the tourist attractions in the UK that is a favorite of tourists who come to this country is the Cotswolds. You must be familiar with the Cotswolds because they are often the filming locations of several very famous British films such as “The Casual Vacancy, “Poldark”, and also “Wolf Hall”. Here, you will find a different tourist sensation by walking or using a bicycle.

4. Stonehenge

The next tourist spot in the UK that is not to be missed is Stonehenge. Stonehenge entered into a prehistoric site of world importance. This building was built by a group of ancient residents who left no traces or written records in the construction process.

This is the wealth of the world that must be well maintained. Moreover, the results of the study show that mysterious stones arranged with this pattern have existed since 2500 BC.

The purpose of building Stonehenge is still being debated among experts. They have not found a specific reason for the construction of Stonehenge, but many sources mention that Stonehenge is often used for religious ceremonial centers.

5. Lake District National Park

Lake District аdаlаh tаmаn national уаng owned Inggrіѕ уаng раlіng bеѕаr. Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Cumbria place which displays the solidity of mountains, lakes, and also hills formed due to glacial erosion.

So, again, nature also has wisdom that can create a dramatic or inspiring impression, depending on how we look at it. Yes, for example, the presence of lake district national park, which can be a blessing for local residents, because many tourists come here to satisfy the pleasure of hiking or climbing the mountain.

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6. Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens has another nickname, the Royal Botanic Garden Kew. In this place, you will be able to see various collections of living plants that exist around the world. Not only that, but the number one plant garden in the UK is also a plant research site that employs up to 500 scientists from all over the world.

Everyone certainly wants to feel how exciting it is to travel the world. And if you have the opportunity to travel the world, don’t forget to come to the UK! Your trip must have been a lot of fun and amazing.


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