Travel to The Very Beautiful Ukraine

Tourist attractions in Ukraine It was really beautiful before there was a conflict with Russia. Already these few weeks we have often heard info about the confrontation between the Ukrainian and Russian states. This issue has also become a world issue that has become a very heavy discussion and is used as information. For that if you want to go to travel to the Ukraine, see this article thoroughly.

But this time I don’t want to discuss the conflict that occurred. We discussed the beautiful ones just to raise knowledge, guys. Did you know that ukraine is a fraction of the Soviet Union which is famous for its beautiful female figure. Not only that the tour is also beautiful and most people are eager to travel to the Ukraine just to fill their holidays.

Travel to The Very Beautiful Ukraine

Not only that, the aesthetics of nature in Ukraine is also not inferior to European countries. There are also many historical buildings that are the energy to attract tourists to come there. Well, here is an interesting tour of what is in Ukraine. Here are 7 beautiful tourist attractions in Ukraine you must know:

1.Synevir Lake

It is the largest lake in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. Located in the Synevir National Nature Reserve area with a lakeside in the form of beautiful flat land surrounded by pine forests. This location is still very natural with scenery that spoils your eyes.

We can do a lot of activities like camping, fishing, eating while tiker. But you still have to be careful and always read the warnings in some lake spots. Especially the embargo for swimming here.

2.Kiev City

Kiev is the capital of the Ukrainian state. As one of the largest cities, Kiev has many historical buildings from the middle ages. There are museums, places of worship, and important monuments. Not only that, there are also public places that you must visit. So not only see buildings with charming architectural works, you can also do historical tours in Kiev.

For those of you who like sightseeing in the middle of the city, Kiev is one of the best choices for travelers. There is The Kiev Pechersk Lavra, and Saint Sophia’S Cathedral, the kuga Khreshchatyk, and the maidan Nezalezhnosti, and also the Golden Gate, and many other landmarks that are beautiful and interesting.

3.Svityaz Lake

Svityaz Lake is a beautiful lake in Ukraine with the same shoreline. Behind its beauty, Svityaz Lake is one of the most deep lakes in Ukraine. So you have to be careful if you stop by here. Due to its depth up to 58.4 meters. It is located in the Shatsky Nature National Park. You will feel the warm water in this lake when it comes in summer. The water is also quite clean and natural.

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4.House with Chimaeras

House with Chimaeras it is gorodetsky’s house. You can see the aesthetics of ancient architectural works at House with Chimaeras. One of them is a relief depicting a hunting scene, various animals wrapped in art ornaments.

The building with a beautiful and magnificent architectural style is among others run by architect Emilio Sala. Unfortunately, to get here, not everyone gets easy access. There are some strict special decisions so you can stop by the House with Chimaeras. Those are some reviews that discuss about traveling to Ukraine so if you want to travel to Ukraine don’t forget to visit the place that has been described above.


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