Travel to Ireland? Visit Ireland's Best Tourist Attractions Now!

Ireland is a country in Europe with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, a source of artistic inspiration, and friendly people. This makes Ireland very suitable as a tourist destination as it offers many interesting things. For more details, here is traveling to ireland 2022 that must be visited on vacation.

Travel to Ireland? Visit Ireland’s Best Tourist Attractions Now Come On!

1. Downhill Strand

The Downhill Strand is a beautiful beach located in Northern Ireland. On this beach, you can enjoy a seven-mile stretch of fine sand and there are also many activities you can do, including water sports.

Not only that, this beach also appeared in the Game of Thrones series when Stannis Baratheon made Melisandre to burn their statue as an offering to the God of Light in season 2.

2. Glendalough

The Glendalough is known as one of the most exciting areas in Ireland to visit when the holiday season arrives. Glendalough itself is a valley that is also home to the site of the most important monastery in Ireland.

This vast medieval ruin has an interesting story to tell about its history and also its amazing natural landscapes.

3. Jameson Distillery Bow St.

For whiskey fans, then Jameson Distillery Bow St is a must-visit place. This distillery located in the city of Dublin is always visited by many people when on holiday in Ireland.

In this place, you can learn the history, the way it was made. and also the types of whiskey offered. Not only that, at the end of the tour, you can try whiskey for free at this place.

4. Dublin

Your holiday experience in Ireland wouldn’t be complete without visiting the city of Dublin. Dublin itself is a city that combines the charm of the old world and the modern spirit so that it looks unique and must be explored.

In this city, you can easily find pubs provided by Guinness, magnificent medieval churches, restaurants offering mouthwatering local cuisine, as well as friendly citizens.  That factor is what makes the city of Dublin a must-visit tourist spot in Ireland during holidays.

5. Moher Cliff

If you love the outdoors, then visiting Moher Cliffs is a great choice. Through this cliff, you can enjoy the most amazing view of all the islands. The beauty of the Moher Cliff itself is a natural reality carved by the giant river Delta for more than 320 million years ago.

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At the top of this frame is a fertile green meadow, while the bottom is bathed in the musical notes of the magnificent Galway Bay.

6. Carraig Phádraig

Carraig Phádraig or also often referred to as the Rock of Cashel is a magnificent antique building in Ireland. This gothic-based building was a residence for antique Irish kings for more than seven centuries.

Among other medieval architecture, the building has a High Cross, a Romanesque Chapel, a castle, a round minaret, and a gothic cathedral that seems to take you to the glory of its past. Those are some of the best travel recommendations for Ireland 2022 that you can make as a tourist destination. Hopefully, the information above can help, especially if you are still confused about where to take a vacation. Happy holidays.


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