Travel Requirements to Portugal with Schangen Visa

When you want to travel abroad, the existence of documents in the form of visas is indeed one of the several documents that you need to prepare. Therefore, there are several travel requirements to Portugal that you must meet.

Especially if the country you are visiting is in a European region such as Portugal, the Portugal schangen visa requirements are important for you to complete. Where the process of completing these requirements is important so that the document is processed as soon as possible. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about travel requirements to Portugal with some important documents that you must complete.

Travel Requirements to Portugal with schangen Visa

In addition to a number of documents that you need to prepare, then you as the party who applied for a schangen visa also need to prepare time. Considering that later the time you need to do the management is not short. For those of you who are confuse and also to take care of the schangen visa requirements for portugal. Mаkа kаmі ѕіар mеmbаntu dеngаn іnfоrmаѕі ѕеbаgаі bеrіkut:

Overview of Schangen Portugal Visa

The term that is often referre to as a schangen visa can be understood as a visa intende for travelers. Where the traveler wants to make a visit to a number of European member states. It should be note that this type of visa was originally present because there was an agreement given the name Schangen which had a formal character.

This type of visa can be use by people for business trips or it can also be for vacation trips. Where the number of countries recorded as included in the schangen members is a total of approximately 26 countries. For this reason, travelers need to prepare a number of Portugal schangen visa requirements so that they can visit a number of countries that are members of schangen easily.

Schangen Portugal Visa Making Requirements

Besides knowing the general image related to schangen visas. Then you also need to understand a number of Portugal schangen visa requirements which consist of several important documents. Where the intended requirements include an application form to a child’s document if you already have a child. For the rest of the information is as follows:

  • The first requirement is in the form of an attachment of proof of application form to carry out the application for making a schangen visa for Portugal. Where the form has been fille in properly before adjusting the data you have.
  • Then there is also a requirement in the form of a copy of the passport that has an expiration period including 6 days from the time of arrival to carry out the visa making.
  • Do not forget about the attachment of the current account which is include from time 3 not back.
  • Also include natural proof of reservation of an exclusive hotel when staying in Portugal.
  • Then there is also the time of the photo which is as strong as 4.5 by 4.5. You need to pay attention if you take a photo, you should adjust the color display and brightness so that the level becomes bright and also understands the eye.
  • Furthermore, there are documents in the form of insurance when you are in Portugal.
  • The next list for documents that need to be prepare is a copy of the KK or KTP.
  • Must attach a marriage certificate that has if it is marrie.

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If the applicant does bring the child to participate and also then the applicant also needs to provide additional documents in the form of a student card along with the child’s birth certificate. Those are some reviews that discuss about travel requirements to Portugal, hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who want to travel to Portugal.


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