Tips for Traveling to Estonia Easily

Estonia is located next to finland and is separated because of the Baltic water, Estonia is one of the countries in Northern Europe that is in great demand because of its tourist destinations. This country presents a panoramic view of the city that is still thick with differences in medieval meaning, but is modern with a variety of facilities that are all electronic and online.  For that, if you want to traveling to estonia try some of the tips below as your guide to make it easier to get to Estonia.

A vacation to Estonia is also one of the cheapest destinations when compared to other countries. The flight ticket to Estonia is also one of the cheapest. You can enjoy the nightlife in vibrant Tallinn, or enjoy the aesthetics of nature spread across the 1,500 islands of Estonia.

Tips for Traveling to Estonia Easily

Well, for that there are some tips that you must meet if you want to travel to Estonia with some tips that make it easier for you to travel. For that, see what you should do before traveling to Estonia here are the reviews.

1. Languages Spoken in Estonia

Estonia has its own language, but you can find many people speaking other European languages. There are at least three most dominant languages in the country are English, Russian, and German.

If going to a local market or an old town, it is small perhaps that the vendors there speak English. However, it will not change the communication because everything is the price tag and you just have to point out what you want to buy. It is difficult for you to be unable to bargain in the purchase of goods.

For lodging in Tallinn, the average is already in English. So are important institutions and key facilities such as bAndara. All information about accommodation and transportation schedules can also be found online in English.

2. Currency and Money Exchange in Estonia

The currency prevailing in Estonia is the euro, the same type is applicable in surrounding European countries. Estonia is also one of the countries in Europe that has accepted payments with electronic wallets.

So you can use exchanging money through an international e-wallet account only to make it more practical. Almost all areas such as transportation tickets, supermarkets, and restaurants accept electronic payments, especially in the capital and surrounding cities. That way, transaction activities during your Estonian tour become more practical.

3. Transportation Options in Estonia

There are many transportation alternatives that you can find in Tallinn. All of them already have an embarkation schedule that you can monitor online. You can also buy a Smartcard, a kind of card with a balance that can be used to ride various public transportations within the city. Here are some transportation options in Estonia.

  • Trains: Trains in Estonia are one of the best for traveling between cities, near and far. Trains in Estonia are also notoriously cheap and fast, and also many have provided free wifi access. Train ticket prices range from 8 euros to 15 euros, depending on the route and from the duration of the trip.
  • Bus: Having the same ticket price range as the train, bus can also be an alternative transportation. Although trains are indeed faster, buses have more schedules every day for those of you who don’t have time to buy train tickets.
  • Car Rental: The rate of car rental in Estonia is approximately 35 euros per day. You are only required to have an IDP (International Driving Permit) if you rent without a driver.

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Well, those are some explanations that discuss about traveling to Estonia in some of the ways above you can use it if you want to travel to Estonia.


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