Things to Prepare When Traveling To Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a beautiful country that is small in size but has an antique culture, and very beautiful scenery, and also the people there are very friendly and the hospitality is so antique. The country is located in the south-east of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. Therefore, if you are planning to travel to Bulgaria there are some tips that you should know.

Bulgaria is not as popular as the neighboring tourist destinations that are located in its neighboring Greece and Turkey, despite the popularity of Bulgaria’s cheap black water resorts, mostly surrounded by stunning scenery and excellent sandy beaches with a sunny climate and very conducive water. For this reason, this Bulgarian country is perfect for you and your family if you want to travel to Bulgaria, but you must prepare the best possible provisions before going there.

What Do you Know about the Country of Bulgaria?

Tourism in Bulgaria is quite extensive, and all facilities are already create for tourists and tourists. Although the country is famous for its seaside resorts, the nature of the country is well reflecte in the country’s impressive mountainous places.

The six very different mountains in Bulgaria range from the high mountains with snow-capped peaks, to the soft green hills with forests, where there are hot springs and mineral ѕра, and dі аntаrаnуа аdа lеmbаh dі mаnа aroma bungа dаn growаn soaring uadara tіnggі.

In the heart of the country lies the Valley of Roses, thanks to which Bulgaria is one of the largest producers of rose oil in the world, and that is why Bulgaria is sometimes calle the “Land of roses”.in kаkі реgunungаn Vitosha is locate іbu state city, Sоfіа, with ѕеjumlаh large monuments аrѕіtеktur and muѕеum.

Among the rocky peaks of the Rila and Pirin mountains, an excellent situation for skiing is already create, on the territory of the ski resort, and there are also the famous Rila Monastery and Rila Monastery. Pirin National Park (which is a Unesco World Heritage site) with a magnificent landscape. The Balkan Mountains stretch across all lands, a 530-kilometer chain that provides some of the best conditions for climbing in Europe.

Things to Prepare When Traveling To Bulgaria

The history of Bulgaria can be trace throughout the country, in the old cities of the country, the religions and antique gems of Thracia, decorate churches and monasteries, and rural settlements where the traditional beliefs of the Bulgarian people are already preserve. One of the country’s main assets for visitors is its diversity, but whatever aspect a tourist in Bulgaria decides to explore, you can always trust that you will be warmly welcome anywhere.


The official language is Bulgarian, but English, German, and French are also spoken in resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Health, vaccinations for travel to Bulgaria

There is no major health threat in Bulgaria and no vaccinations are require to enter the country. However, before traveling to other countries, tourists are always advise to be vaccinate against hepatitis A and B, and should also be vaccinate against typhoid if they plan to eat in places not only hotels and restaurants, and visit places that are rarely visite by tourists.

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Medical services can be expensive and are expecte to be paid for immediately. Only the most important equipment and medicines are in the local hospital, and any special care is probably not all over the place. Therefore, it is very important to take out health insurance, which includes urgent displacement. Well, those are some tips for traveling to Bulgaria hopefully with the discussion above can help you in traveling.


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