Some Things to Prepare Before Vacationing from Solo Travel to Ireland

Ireland is a country located in Continental Europe. The beautiful scenery and the scenery of the city are still preserved its uniqueness and uniqueness, making travelers flock to visit, and also many solo travel ireland.

For some people, spending vacation time by going alone is actually more exciting. And most solo travelers go to faraway places to really enjoy their vacations like solo travel ireland.

Some Things to Prepare Before Vacationing from Solo Travel to Ireland

But before doing a solo trip, especially to Ireland, there are a few things that must be known and prepared. And the full review is below:

1. Choose a vacation time during the off season

The first trick that you must know before traveling solo is to choose the right vacation time. To avoid the full number of tourists who stop by the destination tourist destination, you can choose a vacation time during the off season.

2. Choose a lodging location in the center of the crowd

Furthermore, what you can apply when on vacation alone to selected tourist destinations is to choose an inn that is in a strategic location. Close to the reach of public facilities such as minimarkets, restaurants, or ATMs that can be accessed easily for 24 hours.

3. Keep local security contacts and the hotel where you stay   

For a solo traveler, safety and comfort are important things that must be considered. For that, you have to record the local police number and also the emergency call number. The contact of the hotel where you are staying is also included in the important number that needs to be recorded.

4. Scan important documents

Of course, documents are important things that you must bring when you want to travel. Especially if you plan to vacation to tourist destinations in distant places, such as Ireland.

To anticipate important documents being lost or damaged on the way, you can duplicate them. More practically, you can just scan the document directly into your phone.

5. Bring personal protective equipment

In order to avoid unwanted events while on vacation alone, you can bring personal protective equipment. It doesn’t have to be complicated, pepper spray is very powerful to be used as personal protective equipment.

Not only is personal protective equipment simple, but also make sure your phone is still on. So you can immediately call important numbers when you are in an unwanted situation. Always have credit or quota available too, yes!

6. Save money in unexpected places

Usually, tourist attractions are often strategic places of money theft. The large number of visitors makes this area an easy target for thieves. Even visitors who are from outside the region, let alone abroad, are often the target of theft.

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Well, to anticipate from the incident above, you can save money in unexpected places such as in socks. So, in case that bad thing happens, your money is still safe.

7. Styled like a local folk

One more trick that you can do when on vacation alone is to style like a local people. Make sure you do your research first regarding the destination tourist destination. Starting from public transportation, travel routes, people’s daily lives to the existing culture. The seven travel hacks above are very useful for those of you who later plan to do solo traveling, you know. Don’t forget to apply it while on vacation alone!


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