Most Visited Russian Travel Recommendations

Russia is the largest country in the world stretching from the east of Europe and the north of Asia. So it is not surprising that there are so many travel in russia, starting from natural tourism, historical tourism, and religious tourism. The following is a list of travel places in Russia that you must visit with your friends and family.

Most Visited Russian Travel Recommendations

1. Red Square

Red Square is a large square next to the Kremlin, Moscow, Russia. This very famous square in Moscow is very historic and is often used for various ceremonies, ceremonies and military parades in Russia.

Not only that, in the Req Square area there are also many other tourist attractions in the form of historical buildings, important places, and shopping places.

2. Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is a historic fortress and palace complex built using bricks since the 15th century. This Kremlin tourist spot has 20 towers which is very remarkable.

In this area there are antique relics such as churches with burial places of Russian tsars. Not only that, inside the Kremlin is divided into several palace complexes such as the State Palace, the Palace of Weapons, and many more.

3. State Hermitage Museum

Not only Moscow, but when you vacation to Saint Petersburg don’t forget to stop by this famous museum. The outside view of this museum has a large and very magnificent building, which is perfect for those of you who want to take pictures with the background of this building.

The State Hermitage Museum is an art and cultural museum that has been establishe since 1764 and has also been open to the public since 1852. This museum is one of the oldest museums in the world, where visitors can find paintings to very exotic artifacts.

After that, visitors can see the growth of truly beautiful interior design. Not only that, visitors can enjoy the beauty of various collections of sculptures from the era of Antique Greece, Antique Egypt, Antique Romans, and other sculptures.

4. Peterhof

Peterhof is one of the favorite tourist destinations in St Petersburg especially for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of palaces and gardens. Originally this palace complex was built during the reign of Peter the Great.

Peterhof Palace is also known for its summer palace and the position of this palace faces directly to the Baltic Sea. The uniqueness of Peterhof Palace is that it has a fountain garden that is truly extraordinary, but only operated in the summer.

Not only that, in this palace complex there is a museum that you must visit and also a garden that is really spacious and beautiful. When you stop by here, you can go around the vast garden that surrounds this magnificent palace.

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5. St. Basil’S Cathedral

St. Basil’S Cathedral is a church that has many unique domes and is located in the Req Square area. The height of this cathedral reaches 65 meters and has been built since 1555-1561.

Not only that, the architecture originating from this tourist attraction is very amazing, so you can take pictures with the background of St. Basil’S Cathedral. So when you vacation to Moscow, take the time to take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of this place. Those are some of the places that most tourists visit while on vacation to Russia. Are you also intereste in visiting it? Don’t let it not,”


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