Let's Visit Tours in Austria that are Popular for Tourists

Traveling to Europe feels incomplete if you don’t visit Austria. This country is indeed not once absent from the list of Tourist Destinations for Indonesian tourists who are on vacation around Europe. Austria has unique cities with history and scenery that can make world tourists amazed by its harvest that can attract tourists. Well, for that there is nothing wrong if you travel to Austria for a vacation.

Are you also planning a vacation to Europe, especially Austria? Tour will add a list of tourist attractions in Austria that amaze tourists from different countries. It doesn’t feel like travel to austria if you don’t visit the following tourist attractions.

Let’s Visit Tours in Austria that are Popular for Tourists

1. Schönbrunn Palace

Located in Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace is a tourist attraction in Austria which is certainly visited by tourists visiting the country. The palace built as early as hundreds of years ago that still stands is very solid. Moreover, schönbrunn palace is quite magnificent.

Schönbrunn Palace is a historical witness recognized as important by this country. Even today, the architecture of the palace still continues to reap praise. In the middle of the courtyard of this palace there is a lake where there is a statue that is indeed placed in the middle of the lake so that it displays a historical as well as artistic impression.

2. Mozart’S Birthplace

You certainly used to hear the name Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, didn’t you? Music composer раlіng tеrkеnаl ѕераnjаng history tеrѕеbut born dі Auѕtrіа. Although Mozart had traveled to various countries, Mozart’s residence in Salzburg, Austria, was used as a museum.

Mozart’S Birthplace is a tourist spot in Austria that should not be missed. You are unlikely to miss the opportunity to visit the home of the birthplace of the famous figure. Inside this house you can see photographs, instruments, or belongings of Mozart.

3. Hallstatt

Suatu desa bernama Hallstatt terletak di Salzkammergut, Austria. Hallstatt adalah tempat terbaik di Austria untuk dinikmati pemandangan pegunungan yang berselimutkan es tipis dan danau yang begitu jernih. Sekedar informasi, danau tersebut adalah danau air asin sehingga desa ini terkenal dengan produksi garamnya.

Di Hаllѕtаtt, wіѕаtаwаn dараt mеlіhаt orang dаrі zaman pra-sejarah уаng dіаwеtkаn dengan mеnggunаkаn gаrаm. Di samping itu, desa ini juga mempunyai gereja bernama “Bone Church” alias Gereja Tulang karena di di dalam gereja ini menyimpang tulang belulang orang-orang yang sudah meninggal.

4. St. Anton

Most tourists from Indonesia certainly want to see and feel the snow when stopping by Europe. Austria is also a country that has a snowy season, so you can touch the snow when it comes to this country.

St. Anton is a village or ski resort located in the Austrian state of Tyrol. This place is covered by snow so that you can carry out various types of snow sports that so far can only be seen from television or the internet.

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Except for stopping by St. Anton You have to come to Seefeld, a place where amateur and professional skiers gather to perform the action. Not only that, there is also Achen Lake, a beautiful lake with a view of the Achen Valley. At the very end, St. Anton also has St. Johann, a market town that is also the best place to enjoy the snow.

Thus the review of this article that discusses about traveling to Austria, don’t forget to visit the places described above.


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