Let's Prepare Some Important Things Before Buying to Russia!

Traveling in Russia is one of the most visited foreign tourist destinations. That’s because Russia has a variety of interesting destinations that can be visited, there are several things you should know before coming to Russia. Want to know what to do before going on vacation to Russia. The review is below?

Let’s Prepare Some Important Things Before Buying to Russia!

1. Visa

The first and most important thing before going on vacation abroad is to prepare important documents, such as passports and visas. Visa as an official document is a form of licensing a country to tourists to be able to enter and come.

Although some countries have added Indonesia the opportunity to be visa-free for layovers or visas on arrival, Russia is not one of the countries among them.

2. Itinerary

The key to a pleasant vacation is an itinerary or travel planning. With research, you can prepare detailed travel planning. Starting from the tourist attractions that you will visit, the transportation that must be used, travel routes, to the costs that need to be incurred to travel.

3. Customized clothing

Russia is known as a country that tends to be cold all year round with summers that feel hot and humid. Before leaving, you better do your research first, so that you can adjust the clothes to be used so that you don’t get the wrong costume.

4. Local provisions and culture

When you come to Russia, make sure you know the basic rules that the people obey there. Taking pictures of buildings or military forces, only carrying photocopies of passports while traveling, or flying drones without permission are things that violate the regulations.

If you are used to smiling at people who are in a new place, you should not do this in Russia, because because a Russian society only smiles at people they know.

5. Supporting applications

Downloading supporting applications while on vacation to Russia can make your trip more comfortable. There are many such as language translators, Wifi finders, or online transportation that you can take advantage of.

If you are usually used to using Uber, then in Russia you can use the Yandex application to order an online taxi or search for the nearest train station.

6. Cash

When it comes to a foreign country, make sure you bring cash. Cash can be use to pay for transportation costs, such as buses or taxis. Restaurants in Russia also mostly only accept cash.

Bringing a credit card can be an option, it’s just that you can be charge an additional fee. It would be better if before leaving you have exchanged your money for Rubles (The currency used by Russia) at a money changer or bank.

7. Local food and drink

It’s a good idea before stopping by, you find out the local food or drinks that are commonly consume by russians. By knowing it, you can save expenses when you stop by this country.

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This is really very useful for those of you who have allergies or abstinence from eating certain dishes, so it does not violate the type of food consumed. Not only that, when stopping by Russia, it’s a good idea not to order tap water, because the water conditions are not safe for consumption.

It is safer if you consume bottled drinking water. Those are some things that you must prepare before going on vacation to Russia. For your convenience during the holidays, it never hurts to misinterpret the things above. Have you planned to visit it. Be careful on the road and have a nice holiday.


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