Let's Go to Travel To Belarus Now! and Visit Different Places In It

Belarus is one of the unique and mysterious countries in the middle of Europe. That will surprise you with a very amazing variety of travel to Belarus. Not only that, this city is also famous for its amazing friendly people!

The country of Belarus is far from your list of vacation spots. But Belarussia has its own distinctive characteristics that can amaze you. Well, this time the author will share some travel to Belarus that you must visit. Don’t miss it!

Let’s Go to Travel To Belarus Now! and Visit Different Places In It

1. Minsk

The capital of Belarus has a lot to offer visitors. Head to the 7-hectare Independence Square is one of the largest public squares in all of Europe. And it is perfect for an afternoon walk to enjoy the gorgeous fountains and dancing lights.

In addition, the least to be misse is Independence Avenue which acts as the main artery of the city. Where this place has a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shopping opportunities, as well as music clubs and events. It is known as Minsk with its garden and garden feel.

So don’t miss the trip to Gorky Central Children’S Park which features night market facilities. And also an observation wheel that gives you an additional stunning view of the city. Dive into Belarusian history at the National History Museum, or enjoy the cultural scenery at the National Museum of Art.

2. Lake Braslav Region

If you want to explore what’s left of the antique glacier then. A visit to Lake Braslav Place is something you can’t miss. There are roughly 300 lakes in the region known as the ‘Blue Necklace’ due to its blue waters.

It is also fille with rugge countryside such as bays and cliffs. And the lake contains more than 30 species of fish. Bird watching is a generic hobby here, as well as babbling and climbing. You can also see the remaining boulders as glacier implications, some of which weigh up to 40 tons. This most famous rock has designations such as the Devil’s Trail. And the Cow Stone because of its size and shape.

3. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

Tаmаn Nаѕіоnаl Belovezhskaya Puѕhсhа mеnсаkuр Bеlаruѕ dаn Pоlаndіа уаng bеrtеtаnggа, and mеruраkаn lіndung area. The park is famous for its lush landscapes and plants and animals. The most famous of which is the European Bison.

Not only bison, there are also semi-wild horses known as konik, wild boars, and Eurasian deer found in the park. If you happen to visit here during the winter months. There is a holiday museum set up in the park that features the Belarusian version of the Father of Belarus. And will certainly be popular with younger visitors.

4. Mir Castle

One of the premium attractions in Belarus is Mir Castle locate in the Grodno region. And dates back to the 16th century. This mighty architectural feat was built in the Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance styles, and was surrounde by fortress walls.

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Visitors to the castle can enjoy a walk in the stunning flower garden designed in the Italian style. As well as the property’s vast prosthetic lake. The castle offers spectacular views of some of the best architecture in Belarus. And is also a Unesco Global Heritage Website.

Well, those are some places that you can visit if you go to travel to Belarus. Don’t miss it in various beautiful places in Belarus too. That’s all Thanks and Happy Holidays!.


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