Let's Go to the Stunning Finnish Tourist Attractions

The European continent has unique and interesting tourist destinations. In northern Europe, more precisely in Finland and Norway, tourists are presente with a very enchanting aesthetic of nature and also historical places that are still preserve today. For that, if you like traveling, there is nothing wrong with trying to travel finland by inviting your friends or family there you will find many tours of course that will pamper you with its beauty.

Curious about the tourist attractions? Here are the tourist attractions in Finland that always amaze tourists. Keep reading this article. Finland has such a beautiful landscape so it is not surprising why this place has so many tourist attractions that you can visit with your family. let’s see the discussion about travel finland that you should try.

Let’s Go to the Stunning Finnish Tourist Attractions

This tourist attraction in Finland includes beautiful historical buildings, natural attractions and also entertainment venues that are perfect for playing together with family. Here are 6 tourist attractions in Finland that always amaze tourists.

1. Temppeliaukio Church

Stone church was built in the late 1960s. the interior of the lower interior of the church carved on the inside is bathed in natural light enters from the glass dome. the church is also used as its excellent acoustic concert hall created by rough rock surfaces.

2. Seurasaari

The island is connecte by a bridge from the city of Helsinki. Seurasaari has an open and interesting museum with old houses, farmsteads, manor houses, an old church in 1686, and other wooden buildings Seurasaari is a place to learn how Finns lived in ancient times, before modern times.

3. Kemil Snow Castle

It is the largest ice castle in the world. These attractions include a hotel, a restaurant with cups made of ice, an art gallery, and a chapel. Very many tourists from all over the world stop by to get marrie or be baptize in the chapel of Kemil.

4. Aland Island

This small area in Finland is an archipelago located in the Baltic nautical sea. With a well-developed ferry transport platform making access to the Aland Islands quite easy. In this place tourists can explore the ruins of the middle ages, or can go on adventures on approximately deserted islands, and enjoy the beautiful sea view by boat.

5. Levi

Tourists who visit this place are usually for skiing. The facilities at Levi are modern and also clean. There are dining and nightlife options that cater to the skiers at Levi Resort. many snow-relate activities are offered such as cruising using a snowmobile and also a deer safari. Well, those are 5 tourist attractions in Finland that amaze tourists suitable for a vacation with family.

6. Helsinki

Finally there is the City of Helsinki. It is the capital of the State of Finland as well as the main city located in the Province of Uusimaa (Nyland). When you come here, you will find a variety of beautiful and charming tourist attractions. some of the attractions in helsinki include the Museum of the city of helsinki, the national finnish museum Art Gallery.

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In this one city, there are many art exhibitions organize both classical and also modern art exhibitions. Some of the relics of the past that we can see in Helsinki include the many old churches and some monks’ dwellings made of gray stone.

Well, those are some explanations that discuss travel finland if you plan to visit Finland, don’t forget to stop by the tourist attractions above guaranteed to be exciting.


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