Interesting and Unique Spanish Travel Recommendations to Visit

Not only famous in the field of sports, it turns out that Spain is also famous for its tourist attractions. Tour in Spain is also one of the most extreme countries. Not only that, there are many beaches that latif this country.

Truly magnificent royal buildings, shopping tours, and also culinary tours. Curious, right? Let’s take a peek at the following explanation about Tour in Spain that must be visited.

Interesting and Unique Spanish Travel Recommendations to Visit

1. Plaza Mayor

The first tourist spot in Spain, Plaza Mayor, is a very famous square in Spain. This Plaza Major is in the city of Madrid. The building of Plaza Mayor is very magnificent and unique because it has almost the same shape as each other.

On average, the surrounding buildings have a 4-story design and have a design almost the same as shophouses in Indonesia. On the first floor it is used as a shop or café. The upper floor is usually used as a place to rest or also rented out as a hotel or inn.

2. Retiro Park

Retiro Park was originally a garden of the Spanish royal palace in which there was a fountain and also a lake in the garden. This park is also used as a place of visit for tourists of various ages.

Not only that, the air here is really cool and suitable for refreshing your mind from fatigue. On Sundays there are many locals who stop by this tourist area in Spain where starting from just walking, jogging and playing petanca.

3. Museo Del Prado

Museo Del Prado is a museum with a typical medieval building that is very magnificent. This museum is located in Madrid and is also almost 2 centuries old.

Inside this museum holds a wide collection of antique objects and also has high artistic and historical value. Inside the museum there are about 1000 models of sculptures, 7600 paintings and also 8200 very unique drawings that are already very old.

Not only that, but there are also many historical documents and manuscripts here. If you are an admirer of history, it is legally obligatory to visit the Museo Del Prado.

4. The Sorolla Museum

The Sorolla Museum is indeed one of the most recommended museums to visit for historical admirers. The museum is in the city of Madrid as well. At first this place was the residence of a Spanish artist named Joaquin Sorolla.

This place has a very beautiful and very unique interior design. On the wall, you will be fascinated because there is a large canvas painting inside.

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5. Plaza de Espana

Not only Plaza Mayor, Spain also has another plaza called Plaza de Espana. Plaza Senayan Espana is a building dedicated to the writer Miguel de Saavedra designed by Pedro Muguruza and Rafael Martinez Zapatero who are both well-known architects.  It was built in 1925 and completed in 1957. So it’s pretty old isn’t it?

Those are some of the places that attract the most visitors in Spain. Interested in visiting? Don’t forget to follow the applicable procedures!


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