Here, The Best Place When Traveling to Portugal

There are so many places that you can visit when best places to travel in Portugal. This is a country in Europe that has historical buildings and also a fun place to spend vacation time.

Perhaps it will take you more than 1 week to visit an interesting place in Portugal. But, if you have limited time, there is a bucket list of places that you should not miss to visit. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about the best places to travel in portugal.

Here, The Best Place When Traveling to Portugal

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1. Lagos

One of the places in Portugal that is always crowded with tourists is Lagos. It’s a place that is west of Portugal’s energy Algarve. Inі more dіkеnаl as kоtа dеngаn wall tuа. There are countless places made of rocks. Lagos is one of the cities that was really built in ancient times and can still be enjoyed today.

The air in these Logos tends to be warm, but not so hot because usually the wind blows quite strongly during the day. Mаkаnуа, bаnуаk turіѕ уаng mеluаngkаn time for еxрlоrе surround this kоtа on ѕіаng hаrі. There are several historical monuments and buildings that you can visit. For example, the Church of Saint Antonio or you can visit The Mercado dos Escravos. It was the first slave buying and selling place in Europe in ancient times.

Along the way to explore the city of Logos, you will see people’s houses that are still in the antique architectural style overlooking the port. But, don’t forget to visit the beach. Logos is also famous for its clean and latif beaches. There are 4 beautiful beaches there, namely Meia Praia, Praia Dona Ana, Praia do Camilo, and Praia da Batata. You can take a bus to go to one of these beaches. It didn’t take long to get to the beach.

2. Benagil Cave

Because this cave is in the middle of the sea, it is recommended to be accompanied by a tour guide who has often invited tourists there. They will plan a trip to the location. Because to get there you have to use sea transportation such as boats. However, there are also those who use canoes. You can discuss it with your tour guide. Of course, you should never go there alone if you haven’t had experience going to the place in the past.

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You can search on Google to realize what Benagil Cave looks like. After understanding, you certainly don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Benagil Cave during your vacation to Portugal. When you get to right inside the cave, you will see a very remarkable aesthetic.

You will be in the middle of a cave that is like on the beach. Because your feet are on clean sand. At that time, when you look up, you will be clearer that you are in a great cave. There is a small hole at the top where you can see the blue sky of Portugal. Well, those are some explanations that discuss about Portugal traveling if you are in Portugal, don’t forget to visit the places that have been explained.


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