Come on, Vacationing to Amsterdam Must Be Exciting!

Who doesn’t want to take a vacation to the Netherlands? Surely everyone wants it. Therefore, the country that is famous for its tulips is one of the countries that has popular tourist attractions for Indonesian travelers. Planning a vacation to the Netherlands will certainly not miss the city of Amsterdam. For this reason, it would be nice if you and are in the Netherlands visit travel Amsterdam because there is a beautiful view of tulips.

Because Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands which is famous for its natural aesthetics and the city. Here are the most recommended travel Amsterdam places that you must visit when on vacation in Amsterdam.

Come on, Vacationing to Amsterdam Must Be Exciting!

1. Anne Frank House

For those of you who like history and literature, of course you are familiar with the figure of Anne Frank. Anne Frank is a Jewish girl who in hiding spends time writing diaries and novels of her thoughts. You can get to know more about this smart and inspirational figure by visiting Anne Frank House.

This historical site was once the hiding place of the Frank family from the Nazi army in World War II. After the end of the war, the father, Otto Frank returned to the house and found his daughter’s written works that deserved to be published to the people of the world.

Coming to Anne Frank House is one of the experiences that should not be missed if you visit Amsterdam. The house is indeed small and you have to wait in line patiently to explore this residence. One tour can take approximately one hour. However, it is guaranteed that you will not be confused after “Getting to know” the inspirational figure anne Frank through this historical house.

2.Royal Palace Amsterdam

One more historical site that you should visit in Amsterdam is the Royal Palace Amsterdam. This location is one of the landmarks of the antique Dutch kingdom in Amsterdam. This palace is considered to have a luxurious and magnificent architectural and interior aesthetic.

You can go around the palace with an audio-guide that works very well (It’s in English). So it’s more free to explore the palace alone but still get interesting information. The location of this palace has an open schedule for tourists who change every time. You can see the schedule on the official website.

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is located in Dam Square, one of the famous town squares in the Netherlands. You can find many restaurants and cafes to rest after a visit to the palace.

3. Bloemenmarkt (For Shopping)

Shopping is one of the agendas that must be in your Dutch traveling plan. There are many traditional markets that are latif and sell a variety of authentic Dutch souvenirs in Amsterdam. One of the most latif and recommended is Bloemenmarkt.

Bloemenmarkt is a famous floating flower market in Amsterdam. The market is on the edge of the Singel canal, which is located between Muntplein and Koningsplein Streets. Whether you want to shop for flowers or just window shopping in this location can be an exciting simple agenda.

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The market is neat and you can see a variety of brightly colored flowers that are still fresh. Starting from tulips, sun, roses, and various other flowers adapted to the season. Bloemenmarkt will look even more beautiful with such flowers in the summer.

In this market, you can also find a variety of typical Dutch souvenirs. Such as wooden shoes (Klompen), various ceramics, keychains, refrigerator magnets, and much more! Well, those were some reviews that discuss amsterdam tourism that you must visit while in the Netherlands.


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