Come on, Vacation to Italian Tourist Attractions 2022

Traveling and vacations are now more challenging activities than ever before. The requirements to enter our other countries are not enough just a visa, but also require a pile of other requirements. Therefore, if you want to traveling to italy 2022 you must prepare all your needs.

Because of these many regulations, inevitably you have to get an experienced and certainly satisfying tourist trip. For this reason, in order to get a great satisfaction experience, for that traveling to Italy 2022 is an international tourist destination.

Come on, Vacation to Italian Tourist Attractions 2022

1. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua is famous for having beaches that can be visited every day and all year round. As for Barbuda, it is famous as one of the favorite vacation spots of the late Princess Diana or Lady Di. Veteran actor Robert De Niro is also known to have a resort in the place.

Antigua and Barbuda have gained recognition for their sustainability efforts in recent years thanks to a number of green initiatives. Plastic is prohibited to use in this region. Not only that, hotels, resorts, and eco-friendly businesses have been established on the southwest coast of Antigua.

2. Bissagos Islands, Guinea-Bissau

Consisting of 88 islands and only 23 inhabited, this magical archipelago located approximately 48 kilometers on the coast of Guinea in western Africa is very unique. The Bissagos Islands are inhabited by matriarchal people, where the position of women is equal to that of men, that is, women can choose their husbands, apply, build their own houses and run households.

In this place, tourists can visit the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve which offers clean beaches, vast natural parks and calm blue waters. The island cluster accessible by boat also holds a lot of wildlife, including protected or rare species such as the Nile crocodile, bottlenose dolphin, and African manatee, as well as approximately 500 species of birds.

3. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Opening into mainland Canada via a mile-long causeway, Cape Breton Island is famous for its beautiful scenery and historical sites. The island has an area of 10,311 square kilometers. The islands offer the Cabot Trail, a two-lane highway that crosses Cape Breton Plateau National Park.

Lush green hills and rusty red cliffs tower over rocky beaches; The 18th-century Louisbourg Fortress which was once the capital of a French colony and is now a museum of living history; and also the serving of cuisine, from modern dining to lobster dinner. Visitors can also immerse themselves in Cape Breton’s Mi’Kmaq tradition through offerings from the island’s five First Nations communities.

4. Chile

Chile leads the world in ecotourism and an outdoor adventure paradise. Many tourist attractions are worth visiting in this country of long and thin paths between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains.

Atacama, northern Chile, is a must-visit. Valle de la Luna features anotherworldly landscape with rock formations, and colorful surreal sunsets. Speaking of colors, tourists can watch bright pink flamingos in Chaxa Lagoon.

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After That, goes further south to the wilderness of Pаtаgоnіа. Torres del Paine National Park is recognized as one of the gems in Chile. The World Tourism Organization of the League of Nations named two Chilean places in its list of “Best Tourist Villages” in 2021, which promotes sustainable development.

Both are Pіса, which tеrkеnаl with citrus fruits and water sources раnаѕnуа, dаn Puеrtо Wіllіаmѕ, the city of раlіng ѕеlаtаn in the world. Well, those are some reviews that discuss traveling to Italy 2022, don’t forget to visit the place described above.


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