Check out the Guide Before Going on Vacation Traveling to Amsterdam

A vacation to Amsterdam is one of the dreams of many people. Including you! Well, if you are planning a vacation to Amsterdam, you are certainly very interested in understanding about Amsterdam, including how to get there, transportation there, to the best time there. Therefore, prepare before traveling to Amsterdam.

Don’t worry, We will summarize some things that you must know before traveling to amsterdam here this article will help you in your vacation to Amsterdam. Come on, see this article together.

Check out the Guide Before Going on Vacation Traveling to Amsterdam

1. All About the Netherlands You Need to Know

Before discussing Amsterdam, you need to first realize some detailed things about the Netherlands so you don’t get surprised when you’re there. Both from currency, language, to the necessary visas. Let’s get started.

Netherlands Location: The Netherlands is located in Western Europe, directly adjacent to, Germany, and Northern Water. The location is also quite close to England, France, to Switzerland, making the Netherlands included in your tourist destination country if you are traveling around Europe.

·        Language

Although the formal language of Dutch is Dutch, you can rest assured because the majority of the Dutch population, especially in big cities, can already speak English.

·        Currency

As part of the European Union, the Netherlands uses the Euro currency.

·        Visa

The Netherlands is also on the list of countries that have agreed to the Schengen agreement, so the visa that applies to tourists is the Schengen Visa.

2. Fly to Amsterdam

There are many flights from Jakarta to Amsterdam that you can choose from. Garuda Indonesia has a flight without transit to Amsterdam, with a travel time of 15.5 hours. But it certainly costs not cheap – reaching 11.8 million for Economy class.

Without promos, the cheapest return ticket price from Jakarta to Amsterdam is approximately RP 7-8 million, with Etihad Airways and Emirates airlines. If you are lucky, you can find promo tickets of up to RP 5-6 million, you know, to commute to Amsterdam from Jakarta.

If you want to go to Amsterdam from other countries in Europe (For example, you started your vacation in Europe from Paris, but want to go to Amsterdam as your next destination), you can also choose the European high-speed train incorporated in Eurail.

With a travel time that is not too much different from the train, it can be a much cheaper option for you than flying, you know. Find out more reasons why traveling between cities in Europe is better to use a train than a plane here.

3. Lodging in Amsterdam

The price of lodging in Amsterdam is not too cheap, but unless you want to sacrifice privacy and stay in a hostel with a dorm type room, you can save money. FYI, a dorm type room is a type of room with many bunk beds or bunk beds, where you will stay with 6 or more people in one room. There is no privacy anyway, but for a budget traveler, this sacrifice of sleeping crowded is worth it.

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You can get lodging at a rate of less than IDR 400 thousand a night for the dorm type! Fitting for a private room with double or twin bed, be prepared to pay above IDR 800 thousand a night.

Well, those are some reviews that discuss about going on vacation to Amsterdam with the explanation above hopefully it can help you.


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