Best Places you Can Visit While On Vacation to Portugal Traveling

Portugal is one of the most visited countries, thanks in large part to its very easy access with, ideal holiday weather, with its unparalleled appeal. Therefore, there is a portugal traveling that you can visit.

Located on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal’s geography ranges from fertile farmland and medieval cities in its center, to vineyards and mountains that exude its beauty, to the sensational beaches of the Algarve. Well, on this occasion we will discuss about Portugal traveling which can be use as a place for vacation.

Portugal’s history and culture go back to the 16th century, when the country was a major maritime empire; there’s something to see wherever you look. Let us explore the best places to visit in Portugal:

Best Places You Can Visit While On Vacation to Portugal Traveling

1. Azores

Approximately halfway between Massachusetts and mainland Portugal, you will find the Azores. The archipelago is make of nine volcanic islands spread over several hundre nautical miles and is famous for its mineral springs, first-class whale watching (Name after one of the top ten places on the planet), and seaside cities that exude their beauty.

Each island has its own distinct identity, but all of them are rich with beautiful beaches and green landscapes. Sao Miguel, the “Green Island,” is the largest of the nine islands, when Pico is home to the highest mountain in all of Portugal.

If you are an adventurer, this is the place you want to be. All water sports can be found here as well as cycling and horseback riding; especially in Vila Franca do Campo, the largest city in The Azores.

2. Évora

This beautiful city, located at the foot of the mountains of the same name, is so awesome that UNESCO calls it all those places as world heritage sites. Its purpose is for the “Cultural landscape,” which was specially create for Evora and which includes the natural aesthetics of the mountains and also the characteristics of the historic city. 

Visit Praça do Giraldo, one of the main squares where open-air cafes serve delicious coffee to tourists, but which was once a public execution area. Do not forget the Roman and Moorish baths, “Yeborah.”

3. Aveiro

Located next to the Ria de Aveiro lagoon, Aveiro (Uh-Vey-Roo) is a vibrant city under the name “Venice of Portugal” due to this idah humpback bridge, high-bow boats, and a charming network of cannels.

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Moreover, the city is best explore by moliceiro, a traditional ship that was once use and mainly for harvesting seaweed and is now converte for tourists. Satisfy yourself with the relaxing beaches and incredible cuisine and feel like royalty here.

You will certainly want to make time for the Chapel of Sao Goncalinho, the Cathedral of Averio, the Convento de Jesus and the many art nouveau buildings scattered in the old center of the city. Well, that’s a review that discusses the best places to travel in Portugal with the above reviews hopefully with this article can help you in traveling.


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