Belarus Travel is Suitable to Visit

Belarus is one of the countries located in the European region. Many tourist destinations in Belarus are interesting for foreign tourists to visit. One of the very interesting belarus travel is a tourist attraction that offers a different charm of Europe.

Then, What are the tourist destinations suitable for belarus travel? Well, here the author will give a little explanation regarding the condition of Belarusian tourist attractions which will give you a little additional holiday list if you stop by in this beautiful country. here are the recommendations:

Belarus Travel is Suitable to Visit

1. Bress Fortress

Interested in enjoying the ancient scenery of Belarus? Now it’s time for you to jump straight to the attraction of Belarus known as Bress Fortress. A tourist area in the form of a fortress was located in the west of Belarus. In ancient times, this fortress was use as a support area by the population for about two years to avoid any attacks from the Germans.

As you step into section by section of Bress Fortress, you’ll find tons of bullet marks from ancient wars. Moreover, when you enter this Belarus tourist attraction, you will feel a tense situation that is certainly full of historical value in ancient times.

2. Belovezhkaya Pushcha

For other Belarusian tourist attractions that can be use as a recommendation for long holiday tours is Belovezhkaya Pushcha which is located on the border between Poland and Belarus. Known as the largest forest in Europe, this location is home to bison herds in Europe. Unfortunately, at the end of the second global war, the bison population decline until it was recognize as going extinct.

Luckily, a scientist from Poland took one of the biso to run research and breed. Until now there are at least 5,000 bison spread across Europe, especially in Poland and Belarus. Interestingly, in the two countries a barrier was built so that the two bison would not be confuse first.

3. Radziwill Castle

First built in the 16th century, this Belarusian tourist attraction is a castile in Europe with a Renaissance style. Knоwn as Rаdzіwіll Cаѕtlе, thіѕ buіldіng turnеd оut tо hаvе left a legend аbоut Rаdzіwіll. Until now, the story is still remembere by the people of Belarus.

It is state that Radziwill’s wife who settle in the castil was very similarly dislike by her mother-in-law. Until the continuation, the mother-in-law took the initiative to need her daughter-in-law by trying to give an extra poisoned apple. After eating the apple, Radziwill’s wife eventually died. According to the story, in this Tourist Attraction of Belarus at night there are often sightings of the wife of Raziwill.

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5. Belarusian Great

If you are taking a trip to Minsk, make sure you come to the Belarusian Great which is part of the itinerary of Belarus tourist attractions. This museum will introduce visitors to the various traces of the second global war.

It was first opened on October 25, 1944 precisely after the Nazis carried out an attack on Belarus. It is state that since 2012, there have been 142,676 items on display at this Belarus tourist attraction. Well, those are some belarus travel recommendations that can be include in your vacation list if going to the beautiful country of belarus. Hopefully useful and Happy holidays!


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